Getting the support you need plays a big role in lifting the fog of depression and keeping it away.

So it's 3 am and I find myself in Instagram, I mean we like looking for what to hate, anyway I find this awesome meme and then boom! rape is mentioned. By the way this meme is very very interesting until you have been sexually assaulted especially rape and you realize how much you've not healed from it and how much rape has cost you.

Conversations about life are good especially when you have friends who look at things realistically with an open mind. I am lucky to have such good friends whom we converse with about a variety of topics. These conversations normally take place during our normal evening walks. We are all fresh from college and life is really hitting us from right, left and center. In one of our conversations during the walks, a conversation was brought out about life and relationships after campus. After years of study, we are out here trying to establish ourselves. Erick Erickson would classify us in the intimacy vs. Isolation in his psycho-social stages of development. Finding a life partner, seeking financial stability and career establishment took a center stage in the conversations. At this point, most people say that they want to work on themselves than committing to intimate relationships. From these lenses through which my friends and I are seeing life, finances have a great influence on young hopeful relationships of guys our age (between 24 -30yrs). This conversation triggered a million-dollar question, should young people work on themselves in matters of career development and financial stability before figuring engaging in serious relationships?


According to WHO (2014), suicide is a personal tragedy that prematurely takes the life of an individual and has a continuing ripple effect, dramatically affecting the lives of families, friends and communities.