So it's 3 am and I find myself in Instagram, I mean we like looking for what to hate, anyway I find this awesome meme and then boom! rape is mentioned. By the way this meme is very very interesting until you have been sexually assaulted especially rape and you realize how much you've not healed from it and how much rape has cost you.

First let me start with that new relationship where your boyfriend can't touch you because he's afraid that whatever thing transpires between the two of you might be termed as rape or you not turning out on a date because you're afraid that at the end of it sex might happen and you don't think you're ready. Anyway I know me I cannot turn down free food.
What about your self-esteem? Let's not get there.
How people see you after you've opened up about rape will devastate you, first when you open up about rape you're not soliciting for pity you're letting out your anger, your fears and all the negativity that rape carries. When you're opening up about rape you're not publicly declaring that you won't have sex again.
Remember it's funny until it happens to you or someone you know

Article written by Paulett Muruka.