Condoms should be sold and sanitary pads should be given free

What I've written might sound nasty to you but anyway you'll have daughters someday.

I am one person who doesn't shy away from talking about menstrual periods because at this time and age I believe that it shouldn't be seen as an obscene topic.

I don't shy away from talking about menstrual periods because they come with a lot of struggles and I know I might need you somewhere I know I might need you to check my dress for blood stains after I stand up, I might need you to buy for me painkillers for my menstrual cramps, I might need you to buy me something weird for my weird cravings, I might need you to stay away or close to me due to my crappy moods.

Anyway let's talk about the photo above, I don't know how up to date we still talk of pads should be given free and so on, today morning I woke up and am like it's that time of the month again so I ran to my closet and to my surprise I didn't have any sanitary towel left so I went to my mum, who was preparing breakfast in the kitchen and she was like you know you should stop ambushing me like that, what will happen if one day you ambush me like that and I don't have money, long story short I was given money to go buy whatever I use but this got me thinking.
What if that money could not be there like completely?
Does that mean that I'll have to cut pieces of my clothes for a sanitary towel or pile up cotton wool in my undies or I don't know what else? You know these are just my thoughts but sadly it's someone else's reality.

Yes, there are people who can't afford even a packet of the cheapest sanitary towel which I think retails at fifty Kenya shillings, Normally am not a fun of comparisons but if condoms can be free why not sanitary towels and if it's one commodity that should be free then which one is really a necessity here? 

By Winnie Pollet Muruka

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