Smiles on Girls Faces during Covid 19 Pandemic

During the COVID19 pandemic, most families are struggling to put food on the table, so it is even difficult for girls from needy families to get sanitary towels for their menses.

This has led to young girls exchanging their bodies for sanitary towels, putting their future at stake, as they are at risk of sexual transmitted infections including HIV and AIDS, and teenage pregnancy.

Viehalusa partnerned with well wishers to run sanitary towel campaign, that raised 2000 sanitary towels, 550 reusable masks and 504 panties,The distribution was done in Emuhaya subcounty, in the 25 sublocations,, 633 girls were reached with knowledge on COVID 19, menstrual hygiene, STIs and HIV AIDs, counseling, life skills and contraception., they received 633, 3pkts of sanitary towels, 550 received masks and 504 panties.

The exercise was a success, it was led by Abigael Osendi, great thanks to those who donated, and we look forward reaching other sub-counties in Vihiga County, we call upon those willing to support the initiative to come out and support it.